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We Know Small Business

We know that behind the (ahem) royal ‘we’ in your marketing copy is one very dedicated, sleep-deprived business owner. We know that managing branding, optimization, social media and content strategy is intimidating. We also know that you don’t care what HTML stands for. And yes, we get that your big competitor has twice the ranking, double the bandwidth, and quadruple the budget.

But most importantly, we understand that your time is valuable so…

We’re Here to Help.


We know the challenges that small businesses face because we’re one too. At Freelance Fluent, we’re passionate about helping individuals and businesses find affordable, forward-thinking solutions to building their online presence. We have over a decade of experience doing just that for business of all sizes, but there’s a special place in our hearts for the star-crossed lovers of adventure that others call “small business owners.”

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Amanda McKrell

Amanda McKrell

“I’m passionate about storytelling. I love connecting with business owners and fellow freelancers and pride myself on delivering high-quality online services.”


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Who’s behind Freelance Fluent? (Meet Amanda)

Amanda McKrell is the founder and creative director of Freelance Fluent, LLC. With over a decade of collaborative freelance experience and degrees in both English and Communications, Amanda heads a team of fellow editors, developers and designers to offer clients a one-stop shop for all their content and communication needs.


  • Business Ethics & Trust
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Project Management
  • WordPress
  • Content Strategy
  • Client Communications
  • SEO
  • All Things Shakespeare

Freelance = Flexibility

While our team is based here in the good ‘ol USA, we frequently work with clients across continents and timezones. Email-based communication and a diverse team means that we’re responsive and working at odd hours, just like you.

We love the freedom to be flexible, to work from anywhere, and to adapt our skills to new and diverse projects.

Our Most Important Services Freelance Fluent pen


Invest with Freelance Fluent and make every dollar count. We’ll work within your budget (yes, really!) because we believe great web design should be accessible to everyone.


We have high personal standards for integrity and transparency. Business ethics are only as genuine as the people behind them. Let’s build one another up.


No one knows your business like you do. We listen. We’re consistently praised as responsive, knowledgable and easy to work with. (Can you say the same of your last “web guy”?)

Ongoing Success

When you’re successful, we’re successful. Did you know the majority of our clients have trusted our web services for 7-10 years? We’ll support you way beyond your go-live date.

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